Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Huggies Wipes and more wipes Publix Trip last night

(2) Huggies box $19.99
(2) $3 huggies boxes pubilx Q
(2) $2 huggies Q IP
(2)$1.50 Food Lion Q

(4)Rotel at $1.39
(4).30/1 Rotel Tomatoes SS 1/24
(2).75/2 Rotel Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer (Publix coupon)

(8)Knorr Sides
(4).55/2 Knorr Side, SS 1/17 (store coupon)
(4) .50/2 Knorr Rice and Pasta Side Dishes RP 1/31

(12)Huggies Wipes 64 ct $2.99
(12)$1.50 off Huggies Wipes “Little Book of Big Savings” booklet (store coupon)
(12).50/1 Huggies Baby Wipes SS 1/17
(12) .50/1 Food Loin Q The coupons says (limit one coupon per transaction per customer and per purchase of specifled products) That being said my Publix will take more then one at a time. But if your store will not then add $6 to your total. Always ask to make sure its ok or not ok.
( We can you 3 coupons at our Publix also)

(2)Veet $1.99 and $4.20
(2) $3.00/1 any Veet Product IP

(4) knox Gelatin free jello $1.39
(4)$4/1 on any Knox product RP 1/24

(4) Muir Glen Tomato Sauce .89
$1/1 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce

Candy .50 (B/C I didn't have a q for this item i used the RR on this)

(1)$10 Walgreens Register Rewards ( This is not a Walgreens Coupon so you can use it any where)

Total: $9.16


Dr. Mom said...

That's awesome! Couponing sure makes having children easier on the wallet!

Crystal said...

Yes it dose I used to cloth till about two weeks ago lol. Now i do both. My plan is to buy 24 boxes of diapers that should be all i need for a year take or give a box. My dd will be 2 1/2 by then. I have 9/24 boxes already and paid less then $20 for them but I will get two $10 Publix gift Cards so really its FREE.

Kristy said...

Could you PLEASE tell us how you did this?? I am new to couponing and would love to know how you did this. Thanks!

Crystal said...

Yes I will later today

Kristy said...

Thank you sooo much!!!

Hallie said...

Hey, awesome deal for you! I wish I could do that. My Publix only allows one FLIP per order, and I NEVER have seen a Publix coupon booklet in my life! They only hand out ONE adventage flyer per person! ANy tips on how to get those great instore coupon booklets???

Crystal said...

I traded for 20 of the huggies $1.50 Q on southern savers traders. I just got lucky on that deal:). But my store just started only giving one flyer per person per day but if im in other town and they have a publix i will go in and get me some. Now yesterday i went to my publix and they had the flyers back out. We get booklets just not that much so i trade has much has i can. If i really want it.

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