Monday, August 2, 2010

Host a Beyblade Let It Rip House Party

With Beyblade: Metal Fusion, kids can design and customize their ideal battling top before going head-to-head with their friends in fast-paced, action-packed competitions.

Host a Beyblade Let It Rip House Party and make sure that your son and his friends are the first to compete with Beyblade Battle Tops.

If selected to host, you will:

  • Invite your son's friends over on September 25th to get a first look at the new Beyblade: Metal Fusion line
  • Hold a Beyblade: Metal Fusion tournament using the battling tops, accessories and arena in your FREE party pack
  • Enjoy scenes from the all-new Beyblade animated series, now airing weekends on Cartoon Network
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