Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Readers Publix Trip :)

Emily Lives in Florida:)
She Spent $18.02 Missing 20 boxes of kleenex and Sundowns in pic
This is 11 trips over two days
220 boxes of Kleenex
1 12 pack of angel soft TP
2 boxes of Glad trash bags
2 Hair gels
30 sundowns
13 boxes of Rice A Roni

I would stay this was a good 11 trips lol


Anonymous said...

I personally think that is a little overboard. I kept going to get tissues at my local Rite Aid and they were constantly out. I hope she is going to donate some of them to her local food bank.

Crystal The Coupon Momma said...

This was done at Publix not Rite Aid. Overboard to some is not the same for other. I'm just trying to be fair. Who to say she dont have a big family. I have a family of 4 plus other family of 5 that live in my house to me this is not overboard if I will use it all for my family. She could have order some of that stuff before hand. I do think she is donate some of it.

Anonymous said...

True true, I guess your right that some do have larger families..I am the youngest of 8 and my mom probably did the same when I was younger :)

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