Friday, May 28, 2010

$10 Money Maker on Listerine (after rebate)

Thanks to Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? for this post :) has a coupon for $2 off Listerine Whitening (use zip code 01364 - there is both a $1 and a $2 so keep looking if you find the $1 first)
Some Target stores have them on clearance for $1.98

Plus there is a rebate for a $10 prepaid debit card from the June 2010 issue of InStyle magazine (+ other magazines): purchase ANY Listerine Whitening or Rembrandt product and receive a $10 prepaid debit card.

Just mail original receipt with the product UPC code circled, and name and address, to:

“Dare to Wear” Gift
PO Box 4938
New York, NY 10185


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